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Sh. O.R. Choudhary

Chairman VMC

Shri Muktanand Agarwal IAS


Highest Class & Streams

XII (Science, Commerce and Arts)



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Aims & Objectives
Staple aim of our Vidyalaya is to build character in our students, inculcate feeling of fortitude, responsible & responsive citizen of tomorrow & also sharpen & shapen their minds to face all the challenges fearlessly & freely that come in their life in this cut throat competitive age.

Primary Education
Being highly qualified, our Primary teachers have made teaching learning process very interesting & attractive by the use of computer & by involving new sort of activities, like M.L.L. etc which certainly create an atmosphere of gaiety & liveliness in the Class-room. Activities based teaching in primary classes is conducive of fast learning outcome.

Senior secondary education
The class teaching is made easy, inter esting and comprehensive by the use of appropriate and up to date methods and techniques of teaching for qualitative education. It is also made practically useful through class work, home work and project work.

Game & Sports
The students of this vidyalaya have shown excellence of their talent in game/sports & in athletics, from time to time and brought laurels to the vidyalaya. In order to bring out students'talent of sportsmanship, interhouse games & sports are organized as per schedule of the vidyalaya calendar. Through these activities, students talent is explored & they are prepared accordingly for participation at cluster, regional, national level games & sports.

Computer Education
As we are stepping into an era of explosion of knowledge and that too of science & technol- ogy, urgency & need of the hour a full fledged Computer lab, having internet connection has been established in the vidyalaya giving a great deal of scope & opportunity to the students to become computer literate & also augment their knowledge pertaining to the computer.

Music & Art
The vidyalaya has engaged a team of expert instructors in the field of games/sports/music/ Dance/Arts/Craft/drawing/painting and soft clay making etc. for all round development of the stu- dents

Educational trips are benificial to the students to enrich the knowledge of the various subjects. It also makes the subjects seem more interest- ing and breaks the boredom of class room teach- ing. Time and again such excursions are organised for the students under the able guid- ance of the concerned teachers.

Salient Features
  • An area of 68500 Sq. yards was transferred to KVS on 7/7/1989 by an order of the State Govt. Rajasthan under land revenue rules free of charge to establish a Kendriya Vidyalaya under the auspices of Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India which is at present controlled and governed by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan New Delhi.

  • The K. V. at having aim not only a common syllabus but also a well prepared syllabus and good text books based on that syllabus.

  • This Vidyalaya was declared Model Kendriya Vidyalaya in 2001 giving a new infrastructure and heights.

  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Churu has been actively engaged in the earnest pursuit of educating the children and nurturing them into grown up proud and confident citizens of the country.

  • Our aim is to develop those qualities in our students, which would make them well-behaved, cultured, confident, honest and co-operative children.

  • It is an earnest endeavor of this Vidyalaya to develop the all round personality of the students and to impart in them in them a feeling of responsibility towards their lives.

Thought of the day:-Dream is not that you see in the sleep, but dream is that doesn't let you sleep By A P J Abdul Kalam Azad
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